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The learning solution

Through thorough research including desk studies, focus groups, stakeholder events, workshops and surveys, the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Programme has identified the need for a national learning solution with thousands of digital learning resources available for all professions across the NHS and social care.

The learning solution will provide access to a full range of resources, guidance and educational innovations across the NHS and higher education which can also be shared, signposted, evaluated and developed. As well as helping to drive up quality, the learning solution will help promote and harness innovation and draw on the best practice, talent and projects within and beyond the NHS.

TEL Learning Solution Infographic December 20172

For more information about the learning solution project please email the team.

There are three phases to this Agile project:

The Discovery research carried out at the end of 2016, which followed Government Digital Service (GDS) best practice and guidelines, investigated the way in which individuals working in health and social care use technology to learn in their daily practice. This research indicates that TEL is widely used to deliver teaching and learning in health and care, however sharing of TEL resources is not widespread and rarely takes place beyond the local area or outside informal and social networks.

The research confirmed that there are opportunities to use technology to enhance the provision of education through the implementation of a learning solution, which allows users to:

• Upload and share learning resources they have developed
• Easily access learning resources available via the learning solution
• Rate and review learning resources
• Collaborate within communities of practice.

The Alpha phase of the project was completed at the end of 2017. This phase focused on building a prototype based on identified user needs, testing it with users and demonstrating that the solution is technically possible to build. The Alpha prototype was developed in line with the Digital Service Standard. As part of the Alpha phase potential users of the service were involved in exploring the functionality of the prototype and testing ideas to get feedback for further development. The agile development process that was used meant users were involved throughout and small iterative versions and concepts were tested with users on an ongoing basis.

A service assessment was carried out by the DH Digital team, where the work to date was tested against the 18 points of the Digital Service Standard. HEE’s TEL Programme team passed all points within the standard. The report from the assessment, which provides feedback and recommendations for the beta phase, can be found on the Digital Health blog.

The Beta phase will begin in 2018. This phase will focus on building a working version of the service based on the Alpha prototype, which handles real user journeys and works at scale. This phase includes two stages:

• Private Beta (available to small group(s) to get feedback quickly and allow further development before rolling it out to a wider audience)
• Public Beta (a version of the service that is available for any eligible user to access)

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