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Horizon Scanning

The TEL Programme’s horizon scanning activity helps us to identify and learn about emerging technologies that will be useful for healthcare education in the future.  We are keen to share information about emerging technologies and inform others on how to prepare for them.   We regularly scan for new and emerging technologies that may add value and/or improve the education we provide to healthcare professionals today and in the future.  We do this with the support of a wide number of professionals from within and outside the NHS.

As part of this work, we discuss the likely impact of new technologies and explore what the future of technology enhanced learning in healthcare might be like.


We have run workshop activities, both online and face to face, to help generate creative ideas about the future of TEL in healthcare. Our ‘future view personas’ were created by clinicians, industry experts and “healthtech” entrepreneurs to help us envision how healthcare workers might be using technology to learn in 2021.

This project enjoys collaboration with a diverse range of professionals, organisations and networks to make it work.  Our simple horizon scanning process is being trialled, with the support of a growing futures community.  Our latest scanning activity comprises technologies from Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality and more. 

The community is open to anyone with an interest.  Please email the team if you would like more information. 

If you can’t get to a meeting, you can still join the conversation and inform this work by tweeting anything you feel may be of interest.  Tweet the TEL team using @HEE_TEL, #futureTEL or #HEETEL. 

  • Retweet articles about new technologies
  • Give your views on a tech that might be worth exploring
  • Share your experience of using new tech for healthcare learning.

Your tweets will help to identify areas we may need to focus attention. 

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