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Tier 1 Training

Free to access Tier 1 dementia awareness training package

Dementia Academic Action Group (DAAG) training

Commissioned by Health Education England's (HEE) Thames Valley office, the Dementia Academic Action Group (DAAG) has developed and delivered Tier 1 dementia awareness training to health and social care organisations across the Thames Valley region and from this, produced a free to access training package.

This training aims to raise awareness of what dementia is and how it affects people with dementia along with their family, relatives, carers, friends and significant others.

Materials (available below) include:

  • a comprehensive training manual
  • slide presentations with accompanying notes
  • participant worksheets and session plans
  • eight 30 minute bite size units that can be delivered as a whole package (units 1-6) or individually.

The units use a variety of learning styles and formats to cover the following topics:

  • Unit 1: What do you know about dementia?
  • Unit 2: What dementia means?
  • Unit 3: Understanding the person with dementia
  • Unit 4: How does dementia affect the person and those around them?
  • Unit 5: Talking and listening to the person with dementia
  • Unit 6: Supporting people to stay well
  • Unit 7: Living well in society
  • Unit 8: How to respond to behaviours that challenge.

By completing either the full two hour session or all individual units, you will be meeting the core skills for Tier 1 Dementia Awareness.

Units 1 and 8 have been designed to be delivered face-to-face, Units 2-7 are flexible and can be  delivered face-to-face on separate occasions, depending on organisational needs, or accessed online by individuals. If the latter option is chosen, it’s important that the participants discuss their progress with the local training and education lead within their organisation in order to monitor their progress and document the training completion date as appropriate to each organisation’s Annual Training and Monitoring policy.

Why use this training?

Dementia care training for health and social care staff improves professional knowledge, service delivery and provision of care to people with dementia and those who care for them. Suitable for clinical and non-clinical staff working in a variety of health and social care settings, the content of this training package  links directly with practice and has been designed to gain and sustain the learners interest in the application of what is learned.

Training can be used to support organisational change and culture by promoting inter-professional learning, bringing together staff from all fields of practice to focus on the lived experiences of the person with dementia and their families as they negotiate their journey through health and social care services. 

Our train the trainer programme enables organisations to deliver peer-to-peer training. For further information about accessing a trainer please contact: enquiries.TV@hee.nhs.uk.

Dementia Academic Action Group (DAAG)

The Dementia Academic Action Group (DAAG) is a multi-phase, two-year collaboration project between University of Northampton, University of Bedfordshire, University of West London and Oxford Brookes University. This project was commissioned by Health Education England Thames Valley in response to Health Education England’s mandate from the Department of Health to ensure all NHS staff are trained in Tier 1 foundation level dementia awareness training.

The full report and executive summary for the DAAG project is available to download from the related documents list below.

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