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e-learning programme: End of life care for all

End of Life Care for All (e-ELCA) is an e-learning programme that aims to enhance the training and education of health and social care staff and volunteers involved in delivering end of life care.

The programme was commissioned by the Department of Health and developed by HEE e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH), in partnership with the Association for Palliative Medicine of Great Britain and Ireland, to support the implementation of the Department of Health’s 2008 national End of Life Care Strategy.

There are over 150 e-learning sessions available across eight themed modules, covering:

  • assessment
  • advance care planning
  • communication skills
  • symptom management
  • integrating learning
  • social care
  • bereavement and
  • spirituality.

Accessibility has been a key driver when developing e-ELCA to enable those working in end of life care to improve their confidence and expertise through high quality learning, in whichever setting they happen to work in. The sessions are regularly reviewed by experts to ensure they are up to date and reflect current good practice.

The sessions also have a high degree of flexibility built in, allowing learners and trainers to undertake learning to suit the lifestyle and pace of the intended learner. Learners and trainers can choose the sessions that are relevant with no set timeframe for completion. Each session lasts only 20-30 minutes and can be dipped in and out of as required. e-ELCA should ideally be used as part of blended learning with support from trainers or mentors and peer group working, however it can also be used individually through any computer with internet access.

Free access is available for NHS staff, hospice workers and social care staff in England. A small number of selected sessions are also freely available to volunteers, clerical and administrative staff on an open access website

With the aim of increasing the use of e-ELCA, a number of focus groups were conducted and an online survey developed to identify what systems organisations would ideally have in place to support learners, their mentors and those providing education and training programmes. The 'Making the Most of e-ELCA' guide is based on the results gathered and includes a small number of useful case studies. This guide is intended to provide a brief overview of factors that can help organisations maximise the effectiveness and value of using e-ELCA.

Social care staff access to e-ELCA

Adult social care employers registered with the national minimum data set for social care can access e-ELCA. If you would like to register with the NMDS-SC to receive the user registration code, visit the national minimum data set for social care website.

Mapping of the e-ELCA modules to the end of life qualifications units is now available below. There are 14 units which form the core of the qualifications and the e-ELCA modules identified can support learning for each unit as specified. Employers registered with the national minimum data set for social care will have access to a user registration code. The code will enable each of their individual employees to self-register for access to e-ELCA on the e-Learning for Healthcare website.

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