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Quality and standards

The Medical and Dental Recruitment and Selection (MDRS) programme's quality and standards workstream aims to encourage those undertaking recruitment, selection and appointment of trainee doctors and dentists to take a strategic approach to their quality assurance processes.

Involving stakeholders from across the UK in the discussions and research, the quality and standards workstream seeks to develop an integrated approach applied across the four nations.  

There are several areas to this work:

Specialty Recruitment Assessment (SRA)

The introduction of a Specialty Recruitment Assessment (SRA), which includes a Clinical Problem Solving Test (CPS) and a Situational Judgement Test (SJT) for entry into Specialty Training. The test, previously known as the Specialty Selection Test, was originally piloted in January 2014 for applicants to specialty training at ST1/CT1 level.

Following the success of the pilot, the test was renamed the SRA and became a mandatory element of selection for applicants to general practice, broad based training, core psychiatry and ophthalmology.  From 2016, the SRA will also become a mandatory part of the Clinical Radiology selection process.

Improvements to assessor training methods

The quality and standards workstream is evaluating the current assessor training methods used across all specialties, with the aim of improving and standardising these methods to ensure consistency. Work will include the production of accurate, consistent and comparable information about recruitment and selection processes through a standardised evaluation process, the development of a rolling improvement programme for all nationally recruited specialties over a number of years and the promotion of the appropriate use of lay involvement in all selection processes.

It is hoped that the programme will develop high national standards for assessors, explore the ways in which these national standards may be rolled out to assessors and promote fairness in national recruitment by ensuring transparency and equity during the recruitment, selection and appointment processes.

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