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Equality analysis

To ensure that, as a public organisation, we are meeting all the requirements of the Equality Act 2010, we have adopted a method of equality analysis.

The framework that is currently used has been adopted from a national NHS organisation, however, over time, we intend to develop this to ensure that it is fit for purpose for HEE.

Equality Delivery System 2 (EDS2) recommends that equality analyses (also known as equality impact assessments) should continue to be seen an important vehicle through which NHS services, functions and policies can be inclusive by design – and a means by which compliance with the Public Sector Equality Duty can be achieved.

We are currently developing a training model through which staff, at all levels of the organisation, will be able to improve their understanding of equality analysis in policy making, people management and other decision making.

Equality delivery system

The Equality Delivery System (EDS) is an inclusive equality tool that was commissioned by the Equality and Diversity Council and was rolled out to the NHS in July 2011. Building on this success and insight, the EDS was refreshed and streamlined in 2013. EDS2 retains much of the original design, but encourages local adaptation with a focus on local issues and challenges.

EDS2 is paramount in ensuring that promoting equality and tackling health inequalities are embedded into the mainstream business of the NHS. As a result of the successful implementation of the tool across the country, a vast majority of NHS organisations now use EDS2.

Its use is resulting in significant improvements in the way NHS services are planned and delivered, and workplaces are organised. EDS2 will continue to support the NHS to make the difference that all patients, communities and the workforce need and deserve.

The main purpose of the EDS was, and remains, to help local NHS organisations, in discussion with local patients, communities and staff, to review and improve their equality performance for people with characteristics protected by the Equality Act 2010.

The AHEAD group will be analysing EDS2 and discussing how it can be best adopted to support HEE in delivering its responsibilities as set out in the Equality Act and Public Sector Equality Duty.

Further information on the Equality Delivery System for the NHS – EDS2 can be found at www.england.nhs.uk/ourwork/gov/equality-hub/eds

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