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Equality and diversity

We live in a diverse society and at Health Education England we seek to embrace a workforce that represents staff across the whole NHS and the patients we all ultimately serve.

We recognise that a diverse and inclusive workforce can encourage new ways of thinking leading to improvements and innovations in the way we do things. For us, it is vital that all staff and the learners we support are treated fairly and are all enabled to reach their full potential.

We believe that by working together we can create an organisation that is strong and pioneering. All staff have a voice and through initiatives like the AHEAD Group, HEE seeks to ensure equality and diversity is given the prominence it warrants as we continue to develop as an organisation.

HEE is also a members of the NHS Equality and Diversity Council (EDC) which works to bring people and organisations together to realise a vision for a personal, fair and diverse health and care system, where everyone counts and the values of the NHS Constitution are brought to life.

It is about more that legislative compliance, equality in the workplace helps to ensure that the staff who work for us feel valued, respected and able to be themselves.

Advancing HEE’s Equality and Diversity (AHEAD) Group

The Advancing HEE’s Equality and Diversity (AHEAD) reference group was established in September 2013. The group is chaired by Kathleen Nealon, the non-executive lead for equality and diversity within HEE. The group meet on a quarterly basis with membership of the group being on a voluntary basis, providing strong representation across HEE and LETBs as well as ensuring all those involved have a genuine interest and passion in enhancing the quality and presence of equality and diversity within the organisation.

I am pleased to be the representative from the board of directors supporting the equality and diversity initiative for HEE. It is a subject close to my heart due to my youngest son being diagnosed as a severe dyslexic at age five, uneducable in main stream schools. A lawyer by background I was able to lobby on his behalf to get him the special needs education to suit his requirements, including starting with other parents the first school in Central London for severe dyslexics, the Moat School. I am proud to say after attending special needs schools until age 16 my son has gotten a university education and works in the HR department of a large English bank. None of these accomplishments would have been possible had he not received a special needs education. Equality demands all people be given such a chance.

Kathleen Nealon – Non-Executive Director, Chair of the AHEAD Group

I am delighted to be championing this area of work and have been overwhelmed by the support and interest shown from colleagues across our organisation. Whilst workforce demands are changing, equality and diversity within society are ever-evolving. HEE is embracing these changes by ensuring that the organisation exercises fairness across the organisation. We are fully committed to valuing our staff and to promoting a discrimination free workplace.

Lisa Bayliss-Pratt – Executive Lead for Equality and Diversity

HEE is committed to supporting diversity and equality within the workplace, by ensuring that discrimination is not tolerated. HEE acknowledges that the needs and requirement of each individual is different. We aim to create a working environment whereby each and every person receives respect and support, when needed.

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