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Simulated Patients

In their most classical applications, simulated patients (SPs) provide a unique method of learning by creating a safe environment in which practitioners and students are able to practise clinical and communication skills.

There are many benefits associated with the use of Simulated Patients within a training programme, these are:

  • Case specificity – Healthcare professionals are faced with case specific interactions on a daily basis. The use of SPs allows healthcare professionals and students to broaden their experience and gain valuable feedback, empowering them to deal with case specific interactions more confidently
  • Convenience – SPs can be provided wherever and whenever they are needed
  • Direct comparisons of competence – SPs create a safe environment in which it is possible to benchmark and compare clinical competence
  • Safe Practice – SPs allow individuals to train in a safe yet realistic environment. Learners are given the opportunity to develop vital skills to become confident and competent professionals when faced with the same, or similar situations for real
  • Evaluations – trained SPs give valuable, consistent feedback that highlights specific points for improvement


How can we use Simulated Patients?

Simulated Patients can be used to satisfy a variety of interpersonal training requirements and can work in a variety of situations.

We can work anywhere in the healthcare community and beyond, including:

  • Individual surgeries
  • Training Centres
  • Further Education and Higher Education Institutions
  • Teaching hospitals
  • On behalf of PCTs and Trusts in any suitable environment
  • Any other related application such as the emergency services and law-related disciplines.

Concentrating on an array of training needs such as:

  • Dealing with challenging behaviour
  • Breaking bad news
  • Handling complaints – preventing complaints becoming official
  • Interview training – running staff appraisals; disciplinary hearings; job interviews; mentoring staff etc
  • Diversity training including language barriers
  • Training packages for GP receptionists/NHS support workers – including telephone consultations

In addition to a cohort of hundreds of trained and experienced simulated patients, we can also provide:

  • Professional facilitation
  • Bespoke scenarios written to any specification
  • Research in new areas
  • Integrated options, helping you reach your audience in the best ways. This could include online learning solutions, DVDs, live training events or one-to-one coaching.

To find out more about booking some simulated patients or finding out if they are appropriate for the course / training you are planning, please contact us

To find out more about becoming a simulated patient, pleasePDF icon click here

This Page was last updated on: 26 April 2016

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