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Archive: NED Development and Appraisal


NHS Chairs asked Yorkshire and the Humber’s Leadership Academy to develop a framework and process to support Non-Executive Director (NED) development through feedback and improvement-focussed action. The request reflected three principle drivers:

  1. A desire to maximise the talent and important contribution of NEDs.
  1. Appreciation of differences in the leadership roles of NEDs and executive directors warranting a bespoke development framework and approach.
  1. The challenge for those responsible for appraising and supporting the development of NEDs who often have limited opportunity to directly observe NEDs in action.

This work comes at a time of increasing demands on the NED role and that of the whole board against a backdrop of:

  • Increasing system complexity, diversity of organisations and a drive toward integration.
  • Challenges in shaping organisations for delivery now and in the future.
  • Increasing expectation and scrutiny.


  • The framework has good face validity with NEDs as a reflection of their current focus.
  • The framework and orientation models received feedback that the focus of NEDs on longer term strategy and capability development needs to increase.
  • Executive coaching has been well received as supportive and provocative head space.
  • NEDs are identifying both personal and wider organisational development goals through the process.
  • Chairs express confidence that the process will enhance appraisal and development processes.


The Non-Executive Director Feedback and Development Framework has been developed by Anthony Owens, Jacinta Elliot and Professor Jeff Gold.


This Page was last updated on: 8 August 2016

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