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Calderdale Framework 

We are working with Effective Workforce Solutions to enable the introduction of their Calderdale Framework into organisations. The Calderdale Framework is a transformational workforce development tool that provides a systematic and objective method of reviewing skill, role and service design.



It empowers and engages the whole workforce to:

  • Optimise the use of registered staff band 5 and above, including Advanced Practice 
  • Review skill mix and reshape the workforce to include bands 2-4
  • Improve service efficiency
  • Ensure quality is maintained or improved
  • Manage costs

This addresses the need to 'do better for less' with an effective and productive workforce.

The Framework

The Calderdale Framework – 7 stages to a competent & flexible health and social care workforce

The Calderdale Framework CF1 provides a clear and systematic method of reviewing skill mix and roles within a service to ensure quality and safety for patients. It is wholly transferable to any health or social care setting, and enables patient focused development of new roles and new ways of working, leading to improved efficiency in utilisation of roles. The process of applying CF leads to the development of a detailed competency training document, based on tasks and functions which are needed to deliver patient focused services. This provides the basis for work-based training, and reduces unjustifiable variations in care.The Calderdale Framework was initially used to develop the non-registered workforce, with a focus on competency training staff in delegated tasks, developing robust governance and auditing practice.


The Training

The Calderdale Framework Effective Workforce Programme has different stages, allowing learners to ‘step on/step off’ and work to a level that suits them and their employer and was developed to allow organisations to be self-sustaining in the application of the Calderdale Framework. 

The Calderdale Framework comprises of two components:

  • An ever-expanding competency library
  • A seven-step transformational tool to improve the way people work

The framework approach has been 10 years in development with the principle aim of ensuring safe and effective patient centred care. It is internationally recognised as a quality assurance framework, having been first developed and implemented in the Rehabilitation Directorate at Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust.

The Calderdale Framework Facilitators Network brings together facilitators and leads from organisations across the region, to support each other in implementation and ensure best practice and sustainability.

Case Studies

Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust, see related documents below.

Find out more about the Calderdale Framework and facilitator training.

For more information please contact Sharon Simister, Project Coordinator sharon.simister@hee.nhs.uk

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