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The Yorkshire and the Humber Preceptorship Group has developed a range of resources which you may find useful to inform your preceptorship process. Some of these are only available online in PDF format. However if you would prefer a word document, please contact Jean Hayles on jean.hayles@hee.nhs.uk

The resources developed include:

  • A PowerPoint presentation which can be used to deliver Preceptorship Preparation programmes for preceptors within your organisation
  • A Preceptor Preparation workbook for individual preceptors to work though on their own if attending a preparation session is not possible
  • Templates for recording different elements within the Preceptorship Programme, namely:
    • Initial meeting and identification of training needs record
    • Meeting record
    • Record of Training
    • Reflective Accounts
    • Service User Testimonial
    • SMART Action plan
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Final meeting and sign off of preceptorship record

If you have any general queries around preceptorship in Yorkshire and the Humber please contact nursing.yh@hee.nhs.uk

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