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Advanced Training for Pharmacy Technicians

With a strong focus on the wider medicines optimisation agenda you will develop your skills and competencies to an advanced level of professional training and higher education qualifications. Your role will focus on the development and improvement of services for patient focused care, implementation and management of training and assessment programmes for a competent workforce, supervision of teams and service delivery for a high quality medicines optimisation service, as well as quality management and clinical governance for financial accountability, return on investment and validated systems of practice.  

Local development in Yorkshire and the Humber over recent years alongside government reports such as The Carter Report and NHS England 5 Year Forward View have highlighted the importance of utilising clinical pharmacy staff, improving patient safety systems, improving the quality of care and helping people to live healthier lives. The information below provides links to information, training and self development covering areas of practice which advanced practice pharmacy technicians could be involved in.

Improving Patient Safety

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has published a professional standard on error reporting as well as guidance on near miss errors which will help improve services and reduce medication errors. The Patient Safety Website continues to offers practical information, tools and support to improve patient safety in the NHS. Patient Safety from The NHS Improvement Hub contains alerts and resources to help minimise future incidents and drive improvements in patient safety. The advanced role will also include development of training and accreditation schemes in use and usually requires assessment and verifier qualifications to monitor, assess and improve the quality of work based learning. A number of providers offer the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice (IQA) Award.

Focusing on Clinical Pharmacy Services

The Carter Report recommends: pharmacists and clinical pharmacy technicians spend more time on patient-facing medicines optimisation activities; acute trusts should ensure their pharmacists and clinical pharmacy technicians spend much more time on clinical pharmacy services than on other activities.

BTEC Level 4 Professional Diploma Clinical Services  This programme has been designed to meet the specific needs for further development of pharmacy clinical professionals. It is the only BTEC programme offering an academically recognised award in pharmacy clinical services within the UK. Here's an example from a student on how the course has affected her practice.

I was reading the chemotherapy proforma of a patient and discovered that one of the drugs had been omitted. I discussed with the haematology pharmacist the reasons why it was omitted and whether or not this was a deliberate decision or an oversight. In this particular case it had simply been overlooked. I was really pleased that I had learnt how to read and interpret the chemotherapy proforma, so that I fully understood the treatment plan and had the confidence to speak to the pharmacist.

CPPE Focusing on clinical pharmacy and therapeutics These clinical pharmacy and therapeutics pathway will help you to identify clinical programmes that are suitable for your learning needs.

Supporting Leadership Skills

Please visit our Leadership Development page for information and training links.

Developing Advanced Practice

Advanced or specialist practice is developed by individuals after consolidating foundation practice and a number of different pathways exist, dependent on specific job role. For pharmacy professionals, The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) in collaboration with CoDEG and including representation from APTUK have a developed an Advanced Pharmacy Framework (APF). The APF identifies six key areas (also known as clusters) that are important for development in and demonstration of advanced stages of practice, independent of sector.

Implementing Professional Standards

As an advanced practice pharmacy technician you will be aware of the range of professional standards from the Royal Pharmaceutical SocietyThese include relevant topics for the whole pharmacy team. Some examples which may be useful to your role are listed below:

The professional standards for the reporting, learning, sharing, taking action and review of incidents 

The Professional Standards for Public Health Practice for Pharmacy

The Professional Standards for Homecare Services

The Professional Standards for Hospital Pharmacy Services

and from the General Pharmaceutical Council Standards for Pharmacy Professionals

Ensuring Patient Centred Care

Being person-centred is about focusing care on the needs of individuals, moving from "what is the matter with you" to "what matters to you" extract from Person centred care from HEE. Take a look at the following links to find more resources and training on patient centred care:

Consultation skills for Pharmacy 

NICE guidelines and quality standards

Medicines Optimisation Hub (RPS)

CPPE patient centred care 

Further Information

If you have any queries please email the team at: medicinesoptimisation.yh@hee.nhs.uk

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