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SCRIPT is a Standard Computerised Revalidation Instrument for Prescribing and Therapeutics and comprises 41 learning e- learning modules within an interactive multi-media package developed by HEE West Midlands with University of Birmingham and OCB media. It is based on competencies set out in the General Medical Council Foundation Curriculum and learning competencies relevant to non-medical prescribers. Both encourage safe, effective and appropriate prescribing by prescribers.

The Importance of CPD for all Prescribers

After reviewing the SCRIPT for NMPs Pilot in Yorkshire and the Humber, the School of Medicines Optimisation has released a position statement regarding the importance of CPD for all prescribers and details of how to access electronic resources available. Please download the documents below:


How is SCRIPT used?

A number of other Local Education & Training Boards have purchased the package, which they use in different ways across the prescribing workforce to meet local needs. Examples include:

•    F1 and undergraduate doctors – 16 modules mandated for F1 trainees 
•    Preparation for Prescribing Skills Assessment being piloted by The Medical School Council and British Pharmacological Society. 
•    To enable GP’s to update their prescribing and as continuing professional development 
•    For Core and Speciality Medical Trainees 
•    Continuing professional development For Dentists 
•    For Pre- Registration Trainee and Foundation Pharmacists 
•    To support delivery of “Fast Track” Non-Medical Prescribing course
•    To support revalidation of Non-Medical Prescribing courses & portfolio development


•    Material/modules draw on a wealth of experience from clinicians and practitioners
•    Inexpensive to purchase (yearly licence fee) new modules are developed at no additional cost and no limit on learner numbers
•    Can be used for medical and non- medical prescribers to support safe effective and appropriate prescribing practice across a wide range of therapeutic areas
•    Package is maintained and kept up to date

Pilot in Yorkshire and the Humber

The pilot began in September 2016 and 200 licences have been approved and funded. Access to the SCRIPT pilot is by a licence application process only. Once you have your licence it will be valid for 12 months.
There are three recommended modules in the pilot:

   •    Taking safe and effective drug history
   •    Drug allergy and anaphylaxis
   •    Medication error
   •    Plus any others of choice

What next?

The first stage of the pilot was completed in December 2016 and the pilot was reviewed in January 2017. The next steps have been agreed: please see SCRIPT for NMP's Summary February 2017 and our SCRIPT Position Statement February 2017

If you would like to know more please see this presentation from the West Midlands Team. We also have a presentation and a brief overview of the pilot from our own team.

There are still some licences for the pilot left-please see questions below.

Your questions

How can I obtain a licence?  You must apply using the participant proforma
I'd like to take part in the pilot am I too late to apply for a licence? No there are still some licences left -please fill in the participant proforma.

Also see frequently asked questions document for more queries

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