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A wide range of eLearning courses are available through Health Education England in Yorkshire and the Humber. 

The eLearning Catalogue  details all eLearning courses available across Yorkshire and the Humber.

Where possible the catalogue includes course previews, which can be viewed by clicking on the relevant preview link on the description page. The courses are freely available to all providers of NHS services in Yorkshire and the Humber. If you have any questions or require further information about the content please contact lucy.hathaway@hee.nhs.uk

The eLearning steering group (eLearning club) is a consortium of NHS organisations within Yorkshire and the Humber who are responsible for sharing, delivering and facilitating technology enhanced learning for healthcare workers in the region.The ‘club’ model is driven by local providers and regional priorities to improve training and deliver improved healthcare to the patient.

With budgetary and time constraints on healthcare providers, eLearning is becoming a key means of delivering training to staff working in health and social care. Significant work has taken place to co-ordinate and align provision of eLearning to local and national priorities so that eLearning becomes integrated with the mainstream provision of education and training. The network aims to share best practice while reducing duplication, saving costs and ensuring improved care for patients.

The entire healthcare workforce is supported with the provision of learning technologies to:
• Doctors and medical professionals
• Primary care staff including general practitioners
• Clinical staff
• Support staff and apprentices

The ‘club’ offers technical assistance for implementing eLearning, strategic support and representation and a team of expert developers to produce and generate learning content. In addition, the ‘club’ explores the use of the latest technologies to enhance the provision of eLearning and technology enhanced learning across Yorkshire and the Humber.

For more information please contact lucy.hathaway@yh.hee.nhs.uk

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