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Public Health - Prevention in Yorkshire and the Humber

Blue Light Services

A Specialty Registrar in Public Health is currently seconded to work with NHS England and South Yorkshire Fire Service on a range of prevention initiatives, including:


  • working with NHS England, the Chief Fire Officers Association and Local Government Office in developing a Standard Evaluation Tool to evaluate ‘Safe and Well’ Visits;
  • working with South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service to develop and implement ‘Safe and Well’ services across South Yorkshire. This initiative has been piloted in Doncaster, where fifty firefighters have been trained to deliver Safe and Well visits.  They have all achieved the Royal Society of Public Health qualification and are focusing their work on falls prevention, crime prevention and general health messages (MECC);
  • investigating ways of using existing South Yorkshire Fire Service resources as community resources;
  • working with the four fire services, four police services, Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) and Public Heath England in developing a ‘Draft Consensus Agreement’ whereby they will focus on prevention and early intervention initiatives.  Agreement has been achieved from all parties and negotiations are well under way to an agreement that will encourage collaboration and sharing of resources.

Masters in Public HealthProgrammes

We have  funded ten Masters in Public Health places for candidates across Yorkshire and the Humber, thirteen applicants applied and were suitably qualified.  The further three places have now been funded by regional Directors of Public Health.

Practitioner Programmes

During 2015/16 a Speciality Registrar in Public Health spent a year Out of Programme (OOPE) addressing the needs of the wider public health workforce. This included scoping the demand for a Practitioner Programme. Since then and based upon her work with dedicated time from an HEE Project Manager and a Workforce Manager from Pubic Health England to develop a business case for consideration of establishing a Practitioner/CPD programme.  This is currently under consideration.


Making Every Contact Count (MECC)

During 2015/16 a Speciality Registrar in Public Health spent a year Out of Programme (OOPE), this included establishing what was happening across Yorkshire and the Humber relating to the delivery of MECC.  It was established  there is a network of MECC workers across the region that meet and share good practice, but that delivery is patchy and uncoordinated.  Her final report made recommendations regarding the need for co-ordination for this group and the establishment of agreed programmes that deliver consistent messages.

To support this work, we are  funding a MECC conference to be held in  Yorkshire and the Humber in the spring of 2017.

Developing Workplace Health interventions in the NHS

We have commissioned The National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine, Sheffield and the Centre for Sports and Exercise Science to develop a research and knowledge transfer programme to support workplace wellness in the NHS across the region in support of the 5 year forward view.

To date, nine staff in three Trusts (York, Sheffield Health and Social Care and Doncaster and Bassetlaw)  have been trained to deliver ‘SHUWellness’ programmes and these are being cascaded to their colleagues.  The focus of the work is upon workplace wellbeing, resilience and positive mental health training. 

" The Safe and Well training was informative and well delivered. It is positive that South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue now has data to target over 65's, making best use of our time and resources. We have only recently started to complete safe and well visits but, so far, the assessments are certainly of benefit to a greater or lesser degree depending on the occupier and I feel we are having a positive impact during our face to face engagement." Firefighter, Doncaster.

Key Contacts

Val Barker, Head of School of Public Health val.barker@hee.nhs.uk

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