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Local education and training boards

We have four Local Education and Training Boards (LETBs) that are responsible for the training and education of NHS staff, both clinical and non-clinical, within their area. Our LETBs, which will be committees of HEE, are made up of representatives from local providers of NHS services and cover the whole of England.

All four were authorised after undergoing a rigorous assessment process to assess their abilities in areas including meaningful engagement with key partners and outcome-led improvements and they will now lead local healthcare education and training.

We exist to improve the quality of care delivered to patients by focusing on the education, training and development of current and future healthcare staff. With employers and professionals as part of their governing bodies, our LETBs will improve the quality of education and training outcomes to meet the needs of patients, the public and service providers in their areas.

They will have the flexibility to invest in education and training to support innovation and development of the wider health system. They will also be able to ensure that money in the new system follows students and trainees on the basis of quality and education and training outcomes. LETBs will be key in ensuring that the system responds to the recommendations of the Francis report and helping to improve the quality of care at every turn.