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Delivery plan

We are working across Yorkshire and the Humber to support the delivery of high quality healthcare by building a future workforce for our healthcare system for the medium and long term - ensuring we have the right people, with the right skills and values in the right place at the right time, transforming our current workforce to enable the NHS to transform the way it works, to best meet the needs of patients, and supporting a learning environment and culture that improves patient safety, quality and care.

We do this in several ways. To build the future workforce we manage training programmes to ensure continued supply of trained staff; we assure the quality and develop the provision of high quality learning placements; we provide education programmes and support innovation, and we continually look at education delivery to make sure it is preparing students and trainees for the future NHS and how it is delivered (e.g. use of technology), what is delivered (curricula content) and where it is delivered (e.g. new settings). To support the NHS to change we provide system leadership and advice to the whole health system on future workforce needs, we provide information and analysis of future workforce supply and demand and we make the most of all our available resources to implement programmes that target specific workforce groups, services and sectors including our leaders of today and tomorrow.

We do all this through core functions and teams, a number of transformation programmes, our Schools and the programmes led by the Associate Postgraduate Deans.