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Leadership E-Learning Zone

The Leadership E-learning Zone has been established and now has over 400 registrants which is steadily evolving through promotion. We have five E-Learning modules available to access these please register. More modules will be available soon.

Coaching skills

  • Coaching is focused on unlocking a person's potential to maximise his or her own personal potential.
  • An effective coach draws on a range of skills and models to help their coachee reach a realistic understanding of their situation and needs. They support their coachee in developing ways to bring about a meaningful outcome to this situation and taking positive steps forward.
  • This module will help you, as a manager, identify and understand some of the principles and processes of successful coaching and recognise how these can support your team and organisation.


Influencing stakeholders

  • Influencing your stakeholders - whether they are large or small, individual or organisational - is essential if all the people who could have a bearing on your project's success or failure are to have their voices heard.
  • Stakeholder analysis allows managers to identify the interest of different groups. It also enables them to find ways of harnessing the support of those in favour of a project or proposed change, while managing the risks posed by stakeholders who are against it.
  • Undertaking this analysis helps us plan how best to engage with and involve stakeholders during the life of a project. Tailoring the message delivered, the method of communication, and timing of any involvement can help us influence stakeholders and achieve our overall aim of ensuring a project's success.


Talent Management

  • Talent Management is about EVERYONE! We prefer to describe this as ‘maximising potential’.
  • This module is designed to introduce health and care staff to best-practice principles in maximising the potential of the employees they manage or work with, and to help staff develop their understanding in this area. Some people call this process of maximising employee potential ‘Talent Management’
  • After all, all our health and care staff have potential. We just need to work out how to harness this potential to get the best from everyone.


Time Management

  • The key to managing your time effectively is to have a clear understanding of what the demands are.
  • When work is frantic, dividing your time between numerous may mean you achieve less and can leave you feeling hurried and unfocused.
  • Managing your time effectively can help you assess what's important and the tasks which will get you closer to your goals.
  • You can take advantage of proven techniques to help you balance these demands and by developing good time management skills you can achieve a lot more in much less time. This can have a positive impact on your workload.
  • For those in leadership roles, effective time management is vital. It can help you manage your time so you're more likely to achieve your goals - and in a way that benefits your whole team.


Stress Management

  • There is increasing evidence that work-related stress is on the rise.
  • Stress is a major cause of occupational ill health and often leads to sickness, absence, high staff turnover and poor performance.
  • If work-related stress is affecting you personally, understanding its causes, recognising the signs and putting strategies in place to avoid or deal with it should help you minimise the impact it has on you.
  • Gaining a better understanding of work-related stress could also make you a far more effective manager. It can help you recognise management behaviours which have a positive and negative impact on stress at work, and help you improve the support offered to staff who suffer from stress.

This Page was last updated on: 18 July 2017

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