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Advancing Talent and Leading with Compassion

In this page you will find information on Advacning Talent and Leading with Compassion.

Advancing Talent

'Advancing Talent’ is an exciting system leadership development opportunity for organisations across Shropshire & Staffordshire. The programme tailors support to our aspirant director leaders aiding their development to be job-ready in the new NHS.

Please see video link for more information: https://vimeo.com/156561457 (N.B. Video compatible with Google Chrome)

Advancing talent is not a classroom, context free, traditional programme. It is challenging, practical and stretching, immersing participants in real life projects and complexity. The programme is made up of three core elements (shown below). The bespoke programme is designed to meet the unique needs of each individual participant. This is made possible by the detailed assessment and development centre which kick starts the programme where participants are assessed against core competencies aligned to the Healthcare Leadership Model. This is followed by a bespoke full written report within 12 working days, a prospectus of NHS offers, an offer of executive coaching and a learning log. Each participant will then explore and agree internal or external stretch opportunities (including System Transformation Plan workstreams) at a tripartite development meeting with their mentor and a leadership expert, confirming their personal development plan for the next 12 months.

Leading with Compasssion

If we want patients to experience kindness and compassionate care in their treatment, then the staff who deliver that care must experience the same kindness and compassion in the way they are managed and led.

Mandip Kaur, Kings Fund

Leading with Compassion is an exciting initiative across Shropshire and Staffordshire where the healthcare community has come together to embed a compassionate culture across the region. We have established a  Shropshire & Staffordshire Community of Practice to share compassionate leadership innovations and discuss the creation of a best practice tool kit. We have also created and launched a dedicated recognition of compassion scheme across the local health economy, which currently has eleven organisations signed up across both Shropshire, Staffordshire and the wider West Midlands.

This is a simple scheme whereby there is a central point in each organisation (electronic and paper version) where staff, patients and carers can nominate someone who they feel and believe has demonstrated leading with compassion.

If you would like to participate – please visit our website www.nhscompassion.org for more information.

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