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E-resources, OpenAthens and the link resolver

For information about e-resources, OpenAthens and the link resolver South West, Thames Valley and Wessex.

E-resources available

Regionally funded resources - please see the list in the Related documents section below.

National resources:

  • A list of the 'core content' portfolio of available from 1 April 2015 onwards is available on the LKSL website
  • Trip Pro - note this is IP authenticated (not via OpenAthens) - see emails to LIB-SOUTH on how to get IP addresses set up for this
  • 'Finch' collections - the majority are no longer available.  However the Annual Reviews are available April 2016 – March 2017 and the backfile period 1932 – 2009.  These are available via IP access on NHS computers. 
  • BNF and BNFC via NICE (both also available on the Medicines Complete platform with OpenAthens authentication)
  • The Cochrane Library 
  • Cochrane Clinical Answers
  • Clinical Knowledge Summaries – via NICE

Terminated national e-resources

  • Map of Medicine - there is no longer a national sub.  Some CCGs are subscribing and are localising the pathways.


E-resources, OpenAthens and the link resolver - regional and national support


For a list of issues with national services, see the NICE Evidence Service Issues webpage.
See also the NICE search start pages, e.g. HDAS start page, and/or see messages to the Core Content mailing list - see below.
For issues with OpenAthens, see the OpenAthens current service health webpage.
For issues with the link resolver, a webpage of known issues is being developed we understand.

Guides, support and problem solving

See support documents available in the Related documents section below including 'Local e-resource access - what to check'. 

For the new ODS link resolver, see the link resolver administration site, the Wolters Kluwer support site for the new link resolver knowledge base, and the training video.

See also OpenAthens training videos - note that some of the content is less relevant to SW local administrators because these functions are carried out by the SW team at TOR.

The Content mailing list is used to share problems, particularly about HDAS.  To join go to http://lists.libraryservices.nhs.uk/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/Content

The LIB-SOUTH-ERESOURCES mailing list for sharing queries about local administration of OpenAthens and the link resolver as well as general e-resource management queries - joining instructions are on the Discussion lists webpage. This list is also used to advertise training for local administrators.  

We encourage mutual support, and to this end also encourage sharing the work of both OpenAthens and the link resolver in local teams.  Additional logins for the link resolver can be created - please ask NICE as per the FAQ at the support site linked above. 

Note that the email address for problems relating to national content is nice@nice.org.uk

The regional OpenAthens administrators for Thames Valley and Wessex are Helen Williams Helen.F.Williams@hhft.nhs.uk and Paul Bradley Paul.Bradley@hhft.nhs.uk
The regional OpenAthens administrators for the South West are the Torbay library team athens.sdhct@nhs.net
The regional link resolver administrator for Thames Valley and Wessex is Helen Williams Helen.F.Williams@hhft.nhs.uk
The regional link resolver administrator for the South West is Jenny Toller jenny.toller@hee.nhs.uk


For national training please monitor the relevant mailing lists.

'Clinics' for link resolver administrators and refresher training for OpenAthens administrators run by the leads in the South are advertised on the LIB-SOUTH-ERESOURCES discussion list.

Other useful links

The ProQuest NHS Support website

A list of OpenAthens org IDs is available on the OpenAthens Federation Organisation Identifiers webpage.

You can subscribe to the NICE Evidence resource library bulletin from the subscription webpage

NARAG is the regional administrators' group for OpenAthens.
NLRAG is the regional administrators' group for the link resolver.
On these pages are the terms of reference and minutes of these groups.

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