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What are the opportunities for CACs in Wessex?

HEE Wessex is keen to encourage aplicants from healthcare and non-medical backgounds

Within Wessex, we currently offer four types of awards;

  1. HEE/NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic (ICA) Programme Internships (up to £10k)
  2. HEE Wessex Transitional Internships (up to £10k)
  3. HEE Wessex Post-doctoral Award (up to £20K)
  4. New HEE Wessex Team Research Awards 

HEE/NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic (ICA) Programme Internships (up to £10k) - Applications are now closed

This year (2017/2018) we have received national funding to support up to five (5) internships in Wessex.  These awards support individuals who are early in their clinical academic career and are thinking about doing postgraduate academic study at master’s level. The internships offer an introduction to aspects of clinical research through gaining research experience by observing/visiting/working in a clinical research environment and undertaking study in research in preparation for applying for a Master’s in Clinical Research.

Information and application process below.



HEE Wessex Transitional Internships (up to £10k) -  Applications are now closed

In additional to the nationally funded internships described above, HEE Wessex also offers a number of transitional internships, subject to funding availability. These internships work in the same way to the HEE/NIHR Clinical Academic Training Programme Internships.  However, they are not restricted to the pre post-graduate master level, therefore individuals can apply for this award at any transition point in their clinical academic career

Information and application process below.

HEE Wessex Post-Doctoral Award (up to £20K) - Applications are now closed

In Wessex we are keen to support clinical academics at the post-doctoral level through a post-doctoral award. These awards can be completed on a full or part-time basis, as long as all costs remain within the maximum funding envelope of £20,000, per award.

These awards are as open to candidates the registered professions in the Eligible professions and registered bodies document below non-medical healthcare professions as described above. In addition candidates need to have the following;

  • A PhD or equivalent taught doctoral qualification
  • at least 3 year’s post-registration practice experience
  • Work in practice for at least 1 day per week for an organisation which provides NHS healthcare services within Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Dorset and East Wiltshire (Salisbury)
  • employer (clinical) support to undertake the award
  • a named academic supervisor who will provide the academic and research support during the award.

Information and application process below.

NEW Wessex Team Research Awards - Applications are now closed for 2016.  Award scheme to be reviewed 

Health Education England (HEE) Wessex has £50,000 to pilot new team research awards in 2016/17. The aim of these awards is to enable small teams of healthcare professionals (from any professional background) to work in collaboration on or towards an applied clinical research project. Some members of the team must work in practice for at least one day per week for an organisation who provides NHS healthcare within Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Dorset or Salisbury. 




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