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Wessex Community Education Provider Network (CEPN)

The Health Education England (HEE) CEPN in Wessex will provide a focus for training and development of the primary and community care workforce. The aim is to provide sustainable development and transformation of this workforce in order to meet the changing focus in delivery of health care as described in the Forward View (HEE 2014)


In order to address primary care workforce issues, NHS England (NHS Eng), Health Education England (HEE), the General Practitioners Committee (GPC) and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) produced a collaborative, ten point GP workforce action plan. This plan focusses on three main areas of improvement – recruitment, doctor retention, and support for returning doctors. Within ‘recruitment', point 3 of the GP 10 Point Plan addresses the concept of training hubs.

NHS England will invest in the development of pilot training hubs, where groups of GP practices can offer inter-professional training to primary care staff, extending the skills base within general practice and developing a workforce which can meet the challenge of new ways of working (NHS England 2015).

NHS England refers to these as 'training hubs'; local areas across Wessex will have their own names for these training hubs, for example ‘The Primary Care Workforce Centre’ in Dorset.

NHS England is investing in the development of these training hubs, collaborative networks of service and education providers working together across a geographical footprint with the shared purpose of creating the right workforce to meet the delivery of population health outcomes and meet the challenge of new ways of working.

The GP Forward View (NHS England, 2016) published April 2016 by NHS Eng and the Royal College of General Practice restates the commitment to invest in multidisciplinary hubs across the country to support the development of the wider workforce within general practice, including placements in general practices and development for current staff and workforce planning.

Vision for Wessex Primary Care and Community Provider Education Networks

HEE Wessex will be working to the footprints of the existing four GP patches in HEE Wessex to build Primary Care and Community Provider Education Networks. These networks (the “training hubs”) will consist of groups of general practice working together to provide an out of hospital learning and development environment. The purpose of the networks is to support delivery of training and education based on population needs, and support prevention, self-care, and integrated care.  

The Wessex GP school patches will continue to co-ordinate and lead medical training for GP registrars and on-going continuous professional development for the GP workforce; however there will be close joint working with the networks as they develop. 

Working to the footprints of the four patch offices in HEE Wessex School of General Practice, each locality will have a ‘learning environment lead’ (LEL) – a healthcare professional who will lead and support the development of the Primary Care and Community Provider Education Network. The special interests of the LELs will reflect the areas of:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Clinical Pharmacists
  • Bands 1-4 (non-registered workforce)
  • Public Health

These networks will be supported to develop into a system that is able to offer inter-professional development for primary care staff and other local providers, and clinical practice placements for non-medical workforce to ensure sustainable development of a multi-professional primary care workforce.


  • Develop supportive training for the multi-professional workforce to support behaviour change in primary care through the spectrum of primary health prevention through to complex care planning and self-management
  • Establish primary care learning sets to enable multi-professional learning, and drive a culture of service improvement and continuous development
  • Facilitate the development of innovative roles in primary care
  • Embed a nursing career pathway for both the support workforce and registered nurses
  • Expand clinical and non-clinical apprenticeships in primary care settings
  • Develop innovative primary care practice experiences for a range of pre-registration health professionals
  • Improved supply and demand information to underpin primary care workforce planning

Contact Details and Resources

  • The development of Primary Care and Community Provider Education Networks in Wessex is being led by Sue Clarke, Head of Workforce and Education, South Eastern Hampshire CCG. If you have any questions or would like further information please contact her on: susan.clarke17@nhs.net
  • Primary Care pharmacy generic job descriptions can be found on the Primary Care Pharmacy Association website
  • Documents can be found in the Related Documents section below.

Wessex Community Education Provider Networks (Health Education England’s (HEE) Training Hub in Wessex) Learning Environment Team.


Sue Clarke - CEPN Non-medical Workforce Lead​

Sue ( MSc, PGCE, BSc, RNis Head of Workforce and Education in South Eastern Hampshire and Fareham & Gosport CCGs and also leads the non-medical workforce development in the Wessex Community Education Provider Networks (CEPNs). Sue is a registered nurse by background and moved into education and training almost 20 years ago. Her career in education and training started in a teaching post and eventually moved into education and training management. In 2014 Sue led a non-medical workforce development project called AvOCET which aimed to ensure sustainable development of a knowledgeable and skilled non-medical workforce which was able to meet the needs of patients across the health and social care continuum, and to improve patient care and support the move of care out of hospital settings into primary and community care. It was this project experience that led Sue to the post of leading the non-medical workforce development in the Wessex CEPNs.

Ian Winkworth -  Mid Wessex CEPN, LEL Nursing

Ian is Learning Environment Lead for the Wessex Community Education Provider Network covering the Mid Wessex Patch and is also the lead for Nursing within the CEPN. Ian is a Nurse by background having worked in Urology, A&E and NHS Walk In Centres in Southampton before moving into Education in 2009. In practice Ian worked in Primary Care as a Nurse Practitioner and Independent Prescriber. In Education, Ian started as the Lead for Clinical Education at Hampshire PCT, soon becoming Hampshire Community Health Care. He undertook this role for 2 years before becoming Learning Environment Lead when Hampshire Community Health Care became Southern Health. Ian undertook this role for 5 years, looking after non-medical students across the Trust on clinical placements and ensuring they had a quality experience, before undertaking the role of Learning Environment Lead in the CEPN’s for Primary Care. Ian is very passionate about Primary Care and ensuring the workforce for the future is of the right standard and sustainable in order to deliver the increasing demand on services and complexity of patient needs.

Mandy Pike - Southampton and New Forest CEPN, LEL Allied Health Professionals​, with Fable (honorary canine LEL)

Mandy (BSc (Hons), MCSP, Post Grad Cert, Post Grad Dip) graduated as a Physiotherapist in 1996 and since then has worked within many NHS organisations and privately. She is an experienced musculoskeletal outpatients clinician with a special interest in occupational health and is passionate about enabling patients to self-manage their condition. In 2011 Mandy gained a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Administration at Southampton University and following further study at Southampton she gained a Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Leadership for Health and Social Care in 2013.

From 2010 to 2017 Mandy led a large team of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Therapy Assistants as MSK Therapy Manager at University Hospital Southampton Foundation Trust where she developed as a clinician, manager and leader.

Mandy took up her current post as Allied Health Professions Learning Environment Lead for Primary Care at HEE Wessex in January 2017, where she is working alongside the CEPN team to develop the non-medical workforce within primary care.

Mandy is co-chair for the South Central Regional Network of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy: Worthing with the CSP and members to develop the profession locally.

In 2015 Mandy became the proud owner of her Guide Dog Fable; Fable is a cheeky, clever, beautiful black Labrador who has enabled Mandy to enjoy a level of independence she hadn’t thought possible. Without Fable she wouldn’t have been able to take up her current role as it involves significant travel within Wessex and beyond; without Fable this would have been impossible for Mandy due to her visual impairment. Fable is also a very effective networker and helps to ensure the wellbeing of the team.

Annette Farrell - Portsmouth and IoW CEPN and LEL for Bands 1-4

Annette (MA, PGCE, BSc, ENP, RN) is Learning Environment Lead for the Wessex Community Education Provider Network (CEPN) covering Portsmouth and IOW Patch (including Fareham and Gosport) and is the lead for Bands 1 – 4 within the CEPN. Annette is a Registered Nurse by background with experience in a variety settings including acute medicine, respiratory nursing, A&E, GP Lead Community Hospital, Stroke Ward, GP Out of Hours and Clinical Demonstrator for University of Southampton.

Clinically for the past 16 years Annette has been a senior Emergency Nurse (ENP) Practitioner in ED and Minor Injuries Unit, specialising in minor injuries. Annette has had a duel portfolio in the last 12 years of clinical practitioner and as an educator at Portsmouth Hospitals in the Learning and Development Department (LDD). Annette has had a variety of responsibilities during her time with the LDD from mentorship lead, to overseeing nurse induction, Preceptorship, simulation training and apprenticeships. Annette has a passion for education and engagement of all levels of students and educational organisations. Annette will work to drive forward giving support staff in Primary Care opportunities to attend courses and have a clear career structure; along with expanding student placements and support for mentors in Primary Care.

Pippa Stupple - Wessex CEPN and Acting Programme Director for General Practice Nursing

Pippa is Programme director for General practice nursing for HEE(Wessex) and also works as a Health Resource Manager for 2Care UK Ltd who provide support to clients with mental health conditions. Pippa is a registered nurse who commenced her career in a surgical and renal ward at St Thomas Hospital, London and moved into General Practice Nursing over 30yrs ago. Whilst still working in General Practice she formed an educational company in 2004 which provided training and education for General Practice Nurses and Community Nurses and GP’s. Her career has always incorporated Primary Care and she worked as a service improvement manager for Long Term Conditions with West Hampshire CCG to improve the care for those patients with LTC. In 2014 Pippa moved into her current role and has continued to support the General Practice Nursing workforce within Wessex and develop training and education for the General Practice nurses, this includes HCA,GPN & ANP.

Marianne Brown

Marianne is the CEPN and LEL  Administrative Assistant. Please contact her if you have any queries about the work of the team.


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