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This part is about knowing who you are and what your values and motivations are – the real you.

If you are required to do things in the course of your work which clash with values you hold close to your heart, it can be enormously stressful. Simply finding that you cannot give care to patients in the way you feel you would want to or the patients really need can eat away at you.

You may like to consider how your values fit with the environment you find yourself working in, and how you might plan your career in a way that is more in tune with what you feel in important to you.

Mindfulness meditation can really help – be present in the moment, being stable and grounded.


How happy are you?  Oxford Happiness Questionnaire


Happiness Habits

Develop Happiness habits and an attitude of gratitude.  Moaning about stuff does not actually help you feel better, it often raises your stress levels again as you recall what has upset you.

  • Are you comfortable with who you are
  • Understand and identify your core values – know yourself
  • Life purpose – what does it all mean to you?
  • Random acts of kindness – make someone’s day – and keep yourself happy
  • Each day – three things that went well and three things you are grateful for.


Your moral compass

  • What do I believe in so much I will take a stand on?
  • What are my skills and energies and leadership traits?
  • What does my perfect world look like?
  • How do I want to contribute to it?
  • What brings me joy?
  • What will make me feel free and healthy?
  • What do I want to learn?
  • What is my unique calling purpose?
  • Five years on, what will I be proudest of?
  • What is on my bucket list?


Spirit Resources



BMA – Doctors’ well-being

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