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Workforce plan

With over 1.3 million staff performing over 300 different types of jobs across more than a 1000 different employers, the NHS requires a robust workforce planning process to ensure we have staff in the right numbers, with the right skills and the right values and behaviours to deliver high quality care.

At Health Education England (HEE), part of our core role as an autonomous national body is to provide system wide leadership and oversight of workforce planning, education and training. We will work to ensure that healthcare staff are recruited in the right numbers with the right values and behaviours to support the delivery of excellent healthcare and drive improvement. You can read more about our national workforce planning, including the Workforce Plan for England, on our national page. 

The local office in Thames Valley believes workforce planning is based on quantitative statistics: the measuring and analysing of data, combined with the intution and creativirty of our delivery team. We want increased planning and engagement across all secondary care organisations, supported by using the e-Workforce Planning Portal. This process,  which effectively submits an organisation’s workforce plan, can then improvethe process and the quality of information being provided at all levels. Our workforce data, from a variety of sources including Electronic Staff Record (ESR) Data Warehouse, the Health and Social Care Information Centre and information from providers, can by used by local teams using leading edge modelling tools (CAST) with the results feeding into the development of the annual local plan.