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Safeguarding in the Thames Valley

In the Thames Valley we work closely with the Safeguarding Teams and have supported and continue to support Educational Safeguarding programmes of Learning. Central to effective safeguarding is a competent and well trained workforce. We have been able to support a number of Safeguarding initiatives and education across Thames Valley in partnership with the Local Teams. Priorities were identified and training took place for safeguarding education as follows:

  1. Root Cause Analysis training
  2. The Care Act 2014
  3. The Mental Capacity Act and deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
  4. Staff development in safeguarding / succession planning

Examples of learner feedback and impact from these events:-

“Clinical staff regard safeguarding leads as the experts- this day has given me confidence to know that I am advising correctly”.

“I also have been very much involved with safeguarding children and so the adult content was valuable”.

“The day has made me more aware that following a structure makes for a smarter report and clearer learning outcomes.  The learning will lead to improved practice and better outcomes for children”.

Non-Medical Prescribing Thames Valley

Health Education in the Thames Valley commissions the non-medical prescribing programme for nurses (including nurses working in General Practices), eligible allied health professionals and pharmacists with local Higher Educational Institutes, University of Reading, Bucks New University and Oxford Brookes University. This education enables nurses, pharmacists eligible allied health professionals, to prescribe medicines to ensure patients receive timely and safe care, as well as supporting the development of new roles to transform services.

For further information please email a member of the team.

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