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Apprenticeships in mental health

Across the South West we have been collaborating with mental health stakeholders to develop the apprenticeship opportunities. This section aim to support stakeholders to develop further apprenticeship opportunities.

During the past year there has been significant changes happening across the apprenticeship landscape.  In the South West region mental health care providers are in the driving seat with the development of the support workforce. 

We have been working with mental health partners to support

  • Integrated recruitment for people to get in to health and care
  • Apprenticeship programmes which meet mental health workforce needs and provide development opportunities for people to get on in their career
  • Talented and ambitious people can go further into higher educational and pre-registration degree programmes.

In partnership with local colleges, universities and the skill sectors, apprenticeship programmes have been modified to reflect the workforce needs of the mental health care sector.  

We are committed to developing the mental health support workforce and breaking the glass ceiling effect . And we will try our up-most to support employers, existing and aspiring apprentices, parents and the general public to get the information needed  to be able to make informed decisions to ‘Think apprentice, be apprentice and be apprenticeship ready.’

Our overall mission is to ensure the mental health workforce is equipped with the right skills, the right behaviours and the right knowledge to provide care provision to our local health care population.   We will support growth to flourish and to shape the mental health workforce of the future.

What is a mental health apprenticeship? 

An apprenticeship is on-the-job training which leads to occupational competence. In most cases, learners earn as they learn.

Higher degree apprenticeships will be developed in the coming years.  Currently the nursing degree apprenticeship standard is being developed through the trailblazer process, and the nursing associate trailblazer will be in development within the next year.  

Mental health content is incorporated into most of the health care apprenticeship programmes. However new apprenticeships are continuously being developed as part of apprenticeship reforms through the trailblazer process. For an up-to-date list of apprenticeships and registered training providers visit the sector skills council for health for the UK at www.skillsforhealth.org or http://www.afo.sscalliance.org/

Key initiatives relating to mental health apprenticeship

  • Mental Health Taskforce FYFV This is a national strategy outlining a set of core recommendations for mental health, including the development of the mental health workforce and narrowing the gap between physical and mental health care and delivery.  


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