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Dementia Awareness training

We are committed to ensuring relevant NHS staff go through dementia awareness training to help improve the care of people with this condition.

The 2015/16 Department of Health Mandate to Health Education England stated that “to improve the care of people with dementia, all NHS staff that look after people with dementia will go through a dementia awareness programme (Tier 1 dementia training). Tier 1 training is being backed up with more in-depth training of expert leaders and staff working with people with dementia.”

In the south west, more than 70,000 NHS staff have now received dementia awareness training, amounting to more than 71% of the workforce.

We have ensured that all newly-qualified staff who look after patients with dementia have received Tier 1 dementia training. It will continue to expand this work to support Tier 2 developments in dementia training to ensure that NHS staff continue to receive the most advanced support available.

We are a member of Dementia Action Alliance, making a commitment to supporting people living with dementia. The majority of our staff in the south west and members of the South West LETB have attended Dementia Friends training.

In the south west we commissioned the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) South West Peninsula Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) to undertake research and work with key stakeholders to develop national curricula standards and principles for dementia education. The report will be incorporated into the joint HEE and Skills for Health National Dementia Core Knowledge and Skills Framework which will be cross-referenced with national guidance and legislation, National Occupational Standards, UK Core Skills Training Framework and Care Certificate standards. The Framework is on track to be published by the end of 2015.

We are also supporting the frail elderly and those with dementia by increasing the number of junior doctor training posts in geriatric medicine in the south west.



    Hiblio is a brand new service from South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and features a number of short films on communicating with dementia, some of which can be viewed from the links below.

    1. Tips for encouraging communication
    2. Active Listening
    3. Using body language and physical contact

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