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CEPN development day - Monday 1 February 2016

The inaugural London and South East (LaSE), Community Education Provider Network (CEPN) Development day took place on Monday 1 February 2016 and was a great opportunity to celebrate a number of the successes so far within the CEPNs, and their equivalents, across south London, north west London, north central and east London, and Kent, Surrey and Sussex. The event also provided opportunities for CEPNs and HEE local teams to plan the future of CEPNs.

LaSE Development Day Objectives

  • Showcase the successful work of the LaSE CEPNs to date
  • Provide an opportunity to share CEPN learning across the breadth of the LaSE geography
  • Develop a shared vision for LaSE CEPNs and contribute to developing a strategic programme across LaSE CEPNs
  • Offer a chance to network with all CEPNs across the LaSE geography

"Let's pledge to stop talking about 'out of hospital' care and instead talk about primary healthcare"

One of the discussions on the day concerned the work that we can expect the CEPNs to achieve. Feedback from this discussion was collated in the chart below:

Accountable Care (Education) Networks

The presentation, ‘Moving towards Accountable Care (Education) Networks’ highlighted some of the opportunities for the CEPNs to become involved in helping to develop some of the behaviours and system leadership skills needed to support accountable care systems and the new care models,  such as the ability to effectively work in teams.

 “Homogenous CEPNs mean we’ve failed” Dr Nav Chana, NAPC Chairman and Senior Clinical Adviser, HEE South London

World café session

The world café provided an opportunity for delegates to share a selection of initiatives taking place across the CEPNs.

Kent, Surrey and Sussex - GP workforce tool

South London - Sutton Care Homes

North West London - Perinatal mental health and challenges in end of life care

North Central and East London - Multiprofessional collaborative learning groups

“Successful workforce redesign needs pathway redesign, CEPNs can do this” Dr Abdol Tavabie, Clinical Lead, HEE Kent, Surrey & Sussex 

Sharing ideas

An abundance of information was collected from the table discussions at the event, ‘shared learning across London and the South East CEPNs’ and in local teams, ‘local planning session on sustainability’.  The constructive comments and suggestions collected at the event have been useful assisting with London and South East wide action planning. 


The event provided a range informal and organised networking opportunities, including the randomised coffee trial where delegates were allocated to a partner during the morning break.

Panel discussion

The event drew to close with a panel discussion with Jula Axford, Primary Care Development Nurse, North West London CCG Collaborative, Professor Abdol Tavabie, Clinical Lead, Health Education England Kent, Surrey and Sussex, Philippa Spicer, Local Director, Health Education England Kent, Surrey and Sussex, Dr Nav Chana, Chairman NAPC and Senior Clinical Adviser for Health Education England South London and Dr Andrew Frankel, National Lead, Training Hubs and Postgraduate Dean, Health Education England South London.  The panel answered a series of questions from attendees.


What you plan to do differently following the event?

"Start to engage with Care Home colleagues and carers to offer training to support the unpaid workforce"

"Think and talk more about sustainability, looking for outcomes in healthcare delivery"  

"Discuss new ways of working at next Board meeting"

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