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1. Multi-professional policy

Welcome to the North West regional Preceptorship website. In this section of the toolkit you will find:

     Trust Policies

     Exemplars of Trust Preceptorship policies

     A selection of flow charts showing the progression of preceptorship in different Trusts

     Examples of the criteria considered necessary to become a Preceptor

     Framework models from the Department of Health and selected Trusts


     The current national outcome indicators for Preceptorship


     National Preceptorship standards developed by Health Education North Central and East London

     Roles and responsibilities

     Examples of roles and responsibilities for Preceptees, Preceptors and other key personnel in the Preceptorship process

Trust policies

Please see the Trust Policies below:

     Salford multi-professional policy

     CMFT preceptorship policy

     CMFT preceptorship process

     Salford Royal NHS performance flow chart

     CMFT preceptor guidance letter

     NIPEC development for preceptor role

     Professional skills set

     DoH preceptorship framework for newly registered nurses, midwives and allied health professionals 2010

     Best practice preceptorship framework

     P9 from health visitor (overview of a preceptorship programme)


Trust policies


Support the transition of registered/qualified Nursing and Midwifery, Allied Health Professional, Health Visitor and overseas practitioners who are new or returning to the NHS to develop the competence and confidence to function as an effective independent healthcare professional who is able to deliver high quality evidence based care for patients, clients and service users. Please see related documents below.



In this section you will see the NCEL Preceptorship Standards document below.