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Shaping a Healthier Future

The NHS in North West London delivers care to a population of 2 million people spanning 8 London boroughs and over 400 GP practices.

HEE is an integral partner in the Shaping a Healthier Future (SaHF) programme which is led by the 8 CCGs in North West London through the Strategy and Transformation team.  Workforce planning forms a cross-cutting work stream that is critical to the success of all of the SaHF work streams and the local HEE team in north west London makes a significant contribution to the workforce and education planning aspects of the programme.

Given the fundamental role of health care professionals and support staff to the delivery of high quality patient care, HEE has a critical role in the successful implementation of local service transformation in north west London.

Some of the core activities undertaken by HEE to support SaHF in north west London include:

  • Ensuring investment in education reflects service change
  • Supporting service reconfiguration 
  • Supporting Primary Care transformation
  • Developing strategies for future workforce growth
  • Communication and Engagement

The NHS in North West London provides care to a population of 2 million people spanning 8 London boroughs and over 400 GP practices. There is a growing and ageing population with more long term chronic conditions and a difference of 17 years in life expectancy between the most and least deprived. It is difficult to access GP care and too many people end up in A&E. There are not enough services for people with long-term conditions leading to more complications and unnecessary hospital admissions. The NHS needs to make the best use of resources and respond to growing demand. Without a strategy, changes to services would likely be disorganised as organisations respond to growing financial pressures. Having senior hospital staff in hospitals for more of the time saves lives. These clinicians need excellent facilities to work from.


Shaping a healthier future was created in November 2011 and a vision was developed for delivering better care in north west London through three principles: localised, centralised and integrated.


  • Reduced admissions due to better local management of care
  • Improved support for patients with LTCs and mental health problems
  • Improved patient experience and satisfaction
  • Improved carer experience


  • Better clinical outcomes including reduced morbidity and mortality
  • Reduced readmission
  • Reduced lengths of stay
  • Increased staff training, skills and job satisfaction


  • Increased multidisciplinary working – improved coordination
  • Improved access to information leading to better patient care
  • Reduction in unnecessary investigations and duplicate assessments
  • Improved efficiency and pathways


There are four major programmes in Strategy and Transformation, working to support the transformation of health and social care across NWL: Care Closer to Home, Like Minded (Mental Health), Acute Reconfiguration and 7 Day Services. 31 partners are supporting our transition towards whole systems integrated care including all eight of our Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), seven council bodies and ten NHS trusts.

Work with the CCG Strategy and Transformation team to support the SaHF programme is on-going.  Particular areas of HEE activity in north west London include:

  • Planning the joint programme of work to develop a pan-North West London workforce strategy alongside the HEE workforce and education planning activity.   Some initial workforce modelling work has already been undertaken.  Should we add anything re the STPs? 
  • Five CCG-based workforce planning experts, based within CCGs, have been recruited and are working to support service based workforce planning, particularly relating to the whole systems integrated care agenda.   CCG specific plans have been developed in conjunction with primary workforce and education leads.
  • Continued support  for the Acute Reconfiguration agenda, predominantly to support the retention of learners across NWL during periods of transition.   A key current priority for the programme is to ensure that the planned changes in the paediatric service can be safely delivered by a stable, appropriately trained and supported workforce.

For any queries in relation to Shaping a Healthier Future, please email Alison Martin, Delivery Manager at Health Education England, working across North West London.

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