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Allied health professionals

HENWL  identified a local need to support and strengthen the contribution of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs), including developing a competency framework for AHPs, and the services they provide across the eight boroughs of Health Education North West London.

The emphasis is on the contribution this workforce currently makes and the potential enhanced contribution they can make to future services, in particular the emerging integrated health and social care. A review of the AHP architecture across our eight boroughs outlined significant potential of AHPs to contribute and respond to priorities within HENWL. An analysis of AHP involvement and leadership is ongoing, as is a critical analysis of the impact AHP clinical leadership has on patient care. From this, the nature of new roles will be identified, as will the support given to AHPs at the moment and what they will need from future clinical leadership roles. Gaps in AHP clinical leadership and areas of good practice will also be identified. We’ll review improvements in care and reductions in costs to produce evidence based AHP pathways will and a competence framework for AHPs.

Allied Health Professionals tool

The Allied Health Enterprise Development Centre (AHEDC), which is a joint venture between Allied Health Solutions and Buckinghamshire New University, are developing an Allied Health Professions (AHP) tool to help determine AHP optimum staffing levels required across patient pathways.

In the short term a tool will help Allied Health service providers predict and propose staffing ratios and levels by band, to support the management of different patient pathways across acute, community and primary care settings. In the longer term, the tool will be used to inform how the AHP workforce could be constituted based on projected population health needs covering north west London.

Sustainable Healthcare: Allied Health Professionals, Realising the Potential (SHARP)

The Allied Health Enterprise Development Centre has undertaken a study to gather evidence about AHPs contribution to adult rehabilitation and reablement, dementia care and transfer of care across integrated services in North West London.

Who are AHPs?

According to NHS careers website, there are various roles that come under the banner of the allied health professions (AHPs):

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