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Faculty of patient safety resources

The faculty is forever evolving and looking at ways to improve our approach to patient safety.

As the faculty develops information and resources will be uploaded and shared in this area of the website.

  Training and Educational Resources
Anti-Coagulant Video

Direct oral anticoagulants (DOACS) Apixaban, Dabigatran, Edoxaban and Rivaroxaban are newer anticoagulants now widely used in the UK. They work differently to Warfarin and due to lack of familiarity with the drugs there have been a number of patient safety incidents. It is important staff are aware what these drugs are used for, the difference in dosing and the importance of missed doses in order to keep patients safe. This video has been created for both medical and nursing staff to raise awareness of these drugs.



Supportive video

Raising and responding to concerns videos


Is an e-learning programme to help learning and knowledge of safe prescribing.  SCRIPT is mandatory for all F1 trainees.It is also available to all grades of trainees.

IV Fluids


A module on fluids can be accessed by the SCRIPT E-learning programme under ‘Prescribing in Medical Emergencies’.Further information and guidance can be found in the NICE guidance (CG174)


New Sepsis Pathway

The pathway provides guidelines to help recognise and initially treat red-flag sepsis. To help improve patient safety the pathway has been designed to accomodate all levels of training.


  Useful Links

North East Simulation Network



Think Kidneys




The Sepsis Trust




Sign up to Safety




Health Foundation




Q Initiative



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