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North East Equality and Diversity Group

Welcome to the North East Equality and Diversity Group (EDG).

EDG Mission Statement

We live in a diverse society and we seek to embrace a multi-professional, diverse workforce that represents staff across the whole NHS and the patients we all ultimately serve in our local population. We recognise that a diverse and inclusive workforce can encourage new ways of thinking leading to improvements and innovations in the way that we do things. For us it is vital that all staff and the learners we support are treated fairly and are all enabled to reach their full potential.

We are committed to providing support to our learners throughout their leaving journey, including point of entry and exit.

We believe that by working together we can create an organisation that is strong and pioneering. All staff have a voice and through initiatives including local and national equality and diversity groups. We seek to ensure equality and diversity is fiven the prominence it warrants as we continue to develop as an organisation.

It is about more than legislative compliance. Equality in the workplace helps to ensure that everyone feels valued, respected and able to be themselves.

Further information can be found within the terms of reference.


The EDG are producing a report which will be published here in 2017.

Queries or ideas relating to E&D in the north east? Send them to Quality.NE@hee.nhs.uk.

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