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Foundation school FAQs

Things you may want to know before applying to the Northern Foundation School.

I want to know what the ‘cut off’ score was to get into Northern Foundation School last year: 

We have received numerous requests for this information so we have published this graph which shows the range of scores for applicants allocated to us for Aug 2013 recruitment in the primary list – i.e. this does not include candidates who came to us later via the reserve list. Our lowest score last year for the primary list allocation was 71.8 out of 100. We have published this data for information only at the request of some potential applicants. Please only use it as ‘for information’ as things can change from one year to the next. If you’re not sure what is meant by ‘Primary List’ and/or ‘Reserve List’ please read the UKFPO Applicant Guide which covers this in detail.


How do I find out about issues such as pay banding, accommodation etc. at the various trusts? 

We know that these issues are important to applicants. Although these are areas to do with employment rather than your training (and so are set by the Trusts not the Foundation School), each year we gather key information from our partner Trusts to help you weigh up the different organisations. We pull this information together into a table document so you can directly compare the Trusts on these issues along with what we consider to be key aspects of the quality of training from our trainee survey. If you have specific questions of this nature not covered in this document, we suggest that you contact the Trusts directly via the Education Centres.


Linked Applications? 

For applicants who are allocated to us via a linked application, please note that the link will be broken once candidates are allocated to the school


What about my F2 allocation? 

When applying via FPAS you are only choosing your F1 programme/rotations at this stage, however, within our region FP trainees are offered a 2-year contract and work within the same trust for their F1 and F2. Your F2 programme will be allocated at a later stage and is managed by the trust not the foundation school. When and how this is managed will vary depending on the trust you end up working at. Details of how F2 is allocated and the flexibility currently on offer at each trust can be viewed via this link.

Although the August 2015 F2 programmes will not be published in detail, from 30 September 2013 you can find information on the FPAS website on the range of specialities/opportunities that each trust currently offers at F2 level. Again, this detail is subject to change between now and when you commence F2 in August 2015 but provides you with an indiciation of what’s on offer where.


Can I swap or transfer to a different foundation school? 

It is not possible to “swap” places between foundation schools. There is a national inter-foundation school transfer process on the UKFPO website which can be accessed here. To be eligible for IFST your circumstances must have changed since you submitted your application for FP 2014.


Does Northern Foundation School support requests to complete FP abroad? 

As from 1 August 2012, we no longer support requests from FP trainees to complete F1 or F2 abroad. The only exception to this relates to completing FP at the Malta Foundation School. Please refer to the specific policy on the Malta FS on our website.

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