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Education plans

2014 Education Plan for 2015/16 Commissions
The 2014 Pan-London Education Plan summarises the education planning decisions that the three London Local Education & Training Boards (LETBs) made during  2014/15. For each healthcare profession that the LETBs plan for, it gives brief, high level summaries of the decisions taken, the data used in making those decisions, and the engagements held to directly involve key stakeholders.

Annual Workforce Report
The workforce report brings together available data to highlight positive changes the HENCEL workforce has gone through, difficulties it has and areas that may be of concern in the future.

Workforce Transformation – the Case for Change
The case for change document considers whether the recent and predicted growth of consultants in different specialties is what the current health service now requires.


Workforce Development Education Plans for Trust Direct and Indirect Funding 2014-15
Workforce Development Funding is allocated to each of the North Central and East London trusts based on  staff headcount. This funding is to support the education and training needs of the existing workforce in line with the HEE Mandate priorities. In March 2014, each of the North Central and East London trusts was asked to submit an education plan outlining how they plan to spend their Workforce Development funding allocation. These were approved by the HE NCEL Workforce Advisory Group in April 2014.

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