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SIM network (SIMNET)

The SIM network (SIMNET) is a network for healthcare professionals in Kent, Surrey and Sussex who are involved in the provision of simulation based education.

We hold meetings three times per year, rotating the location with different providers. The purpose of the meetings is to share and discuss best practice as well as new initiatives in simulation based education in the region.  This is also the opportunity for simulation technicians to meet and discuss and compare different technology and ways of working.  Information about national initiatives and updates are also provided through this network.

The date of the next SIMNET meeting is Friday 24 November 2017. Please contact TEL for more information.

SIMNET members

The network is open to any healthcare education provider in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex region, and we often invite guests from outside the region to attend.  The current member organisations are detailed below.


What is the simbulance?

The KSS simbulance is a concept not just an object. It includes the learners, the environment, consisting of the ambulance and healthcare setting, the faculty and the technology.

Who are the learners?

Paramedic teams, multi-professional teams of healthcare professionals including HEMS doctors, nurses, ED doctors, ITU/paediatric doctors, allied healthcare professionals, outreach healthcare workers, healthcare assistants, primary care physicians.

What is the environment?

This is the simulated ambulance vehicle and the hosting provider facilities (emergency department/simulation suite/ emergency department resus bay/GP surgery/university etc). The simbulance is a fully functioning ambulance with a standard array of real equipment that would be found in a current SECAMB equipped vehicle. The vehicle can double up as a stationary sim suite with live telebroadcast to learners outside the vehicle during stationary scenarios and a mobile environment for scenarios involving patient transfers.

Who are the trainers?

When the vehicle is booked for a training session, an experienced simulation technician will transport the vehicle to your location and operate all the equipment throughout the training session.  It will be the responsibility of the provider to ensure that suitably trained simulation facilitators are available to plan and run the training session and able to effectively debrief the learners after each scenario.  Training for those wishing to facilitate simulation based education is available for those working in organisations providing NHS services in Kent, Surrey and Sussex in a number of locations.

An online calendar has been set up to enable providers to check the availability of the simbulance, or for more information please get in touch.

Simulation scenarios

HEE's Thames Valley team have published a set of 137 clinical simulation scenarios . They are grouped into 8 areas and focus on aspects of clinical care that may be challenging for clinicians e.g. difficult conversations, clinical emergencies and technical skills.




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