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Quality management visits

Quality management visits are an important part of the HEKSS quality management process, helping us to ensure our providers are delivering high quality education and training.

HEKSS undertakes a number of visits every year in order to look at issues and notable practice in LEPs to assess the quality of education and training in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

The objectives of LEP visits are to:

  • Ensure that GMC standards for the delivery of postgraduate medical education are being met
  • Investigate any matters of concern against the GMC standards
  • Improve the quality of education and training by identifying issues and ensuring they are rectified
  • Identify areas of notable practice across the specialities

A programme of routine visits is planned annually, using an evidence-based approach. The Associate Dean for Quality (ADQ) works with the Heads of Schools to decide on specialties and sites to be visited, based on evidence provided by the Quality Team. We also undertake exception visits, which are held at short notice in order to explore specific, serious issues. Follow-up visits are undertaken when there is a specific need to follow up on issues raised in previous visits, to ensure issues are being addressed.

All HEKSS visits include trainee representatives and lay representatives on the visiting teams. Exception visits always include external representation, and will also include representation from the GMC where necessary.

HEKSS runs training workshops for visitors, and also has a Quality Visiting Module on the e-Training for Trainers (ETFT) website, which gives an overview of quality visiting, including:

  • Why we visit, who we visit and when we visit
  • The visiting team
  • How visits are planned and organised
  • Adopting the role of the visitor
  • How the visit runs
  • The report and follow-up

All visit reports and responses are reviewed and approved by the HEKSS Operational Group, which meets weekly and is chaired by the Postgraduate Dean.

The Quality Team produces summaries of the visit reports, which will be published on this website.

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