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Quality control in local education providers

HEKSS Local Education Providers (LEPs) have well established structures that support and facilitate an effective and robust system of quality control.

Each LEP has a number of Local Faculty Groups (LFGs), which operate as the first tier of local management and accountability for education and training. HEKSS is encouraging its LEPs to consider the benefits of multi-professional membership of LFGs in strengthening intelligence around the clinical learning environment.

Each LEP has a Local Academic Board (LAB), or equivalent senior forum for healthcare education, to which the LFGs report. In practice, LFGs provide the first line of academic management for learners, and supply additional support or remediation as required. The LAB (or equivalent board) oversees these activities, while providing an immediate point of referral for any special circumstances.

LFGs meet three times a year to review the progress of every trainee doctor and consider their educational development needs as well as the needs of their trainers. Trainee doctors in need of additional support are discussed confidentially at these meetings. The LAB, or equivalent board, receives reports from each LFG, and is responsible for signing off both the satisfactory progress of trainee doctors and the learning needs of trainers. The minutes from LFG and LAB meetings are provided to HEKSS and are reviewed by the Associate Dean for Quality (ADQ).

The Graduate Education and Assessment Reference (GEAR), originally written to prescribe formal structures for the quality control of postgraduate medical education, has been revised to reflect the status of HEKSS as a provider-led organisation. It sets out suggested structures and ways of working to ensure the LEPs continue to have effective quality control mechanisms in place, and to maintain the lines of communication between HEKSS and the LEPs.

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