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GMC National Training Surveys

The GMC National Training Surveys (NTS) are a core part of our quality management processes to monitor the quality of medical education and training in our Local Education Providers (LEPs). HEKSS uses the results of the NTS, together with other sources of information, to inform the programme of quality management visits to LEPs.

GMC Annual Surveys provide quantitative data, which we use to analyse trends, and also qualitative data, provided by the free text comments from trainees. These data are interpreted by the HEKSS Quality Team and triangulated with the qualitative data provided by the HEKSS Quality Improvement Tool and Quality Management visits to LEPs.

Each year, the Quality Team produces tailored reports on the NTS for the HEKSS Heads of Schools (HoS) to enable them to see at a glance the areas in which to focus our quality management activities. The Associate Dean for Quality (ADQ) leads on the process of analysing all results, comparing them to previous years’ results and other NHS Surveys in order to identify trends, which may indicate problem areas that need to be addressed.

All HEKSS LEPs are required to produce an action plan in response to red flag outliers. They are also expected to comment on green flag outliers to help us to identify any notable practice that could be shared.

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