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About the KSS GP workforce tool

Health Education England's Kent, Surrey and Sussex local team launched the KSS GP workforce tool in spring 2015 as a mechanism for collecting information on the primary care workforce. By reviewing, updating and submitting your practice workforce data through the KSS GP workforce tool on a quarterly basis, you will meet the requirements of the NHS Digital wMDS data collection and also provide anonymised and aggregated practice data to your local planning and commissioning teams. These are data that can be used to:

  • Understand the capacity of the existing general practice workforce
  • Plan for the future capacity and capability of the workforce effectively
  • Implement education and training programmes to ensure the workforce supply meets demand

This agenda has become particularly prevalent recently as emphasis has been placed on the need to better understand the makeup of the primary care workforce, as per the priorities identified in the GP Forward View and to support the establishing sustainability and transformation plans (STP) footprints in the development of their local strategies.

Using the KSS GP workforce tool has several benefits for practices including:

  • The tool has capacity to be used as an internal HR tool for the practice
    • Practices can log onto the tool at any time to update practice data
    • There are several summary screens that allow staffing levels, absence and vacancies to be monitored
    • The tool has a reporting section that practices can take advantage of, which allows individual practice reporting or reporting that anonymously benchmarks the practice with other practices in the region
    • Practice data is saved in the tool, so that once the initial information input is completed, it is just a case of updating any changes
  • The KSS GP Workforce Tool has an built-in compliance calculator that  is updated each submission to reflect the essential fields of the wMDS meaning that practices can see if they have entered all of the mandatory information for the practice and for each individual staff member. This is demonstrated with:
    •  X for non-compliance
    • ✓ for 100% compliance

 NHS Digital and the workforce Minimum Data Set (wMDS)

The wMDS is a national mandatory data submission managed by NHS Digital in collaboration with NHS England. The submission requires practices submit a series of essential and desirable workforce data fields. In Kent, Surrey and Sussex, practices are encouraged by their CCG, NHS England and their LMC to use the KSS GP workforce tool as a means of making this submission. Instructions on how to make you submission this way can be found in the Using the KSS GP Workforce Tool section of this site.

For more information on wMDS and its requirements, please visit the NHS Digital website.

 Using the KSS GP workforce tool

The KSS GP workforce tool is available at the following web address: https://gpworkforce.kss.hee.nhs.uk/login.aspx

We ask that you log in to the KSS GP workforce tool to review, update and submit your practice data in line with the NHS Digital wMDS data requirements and before the extraction dates.

wMDS extraction dates for each year are:

  • 31 March
  • 30 June
  • 30 September
  • 31 December

When reviewing your practice data please consider the following:

  • new staff members and leavers (mandatory for wMDS))
  • new vacancies and vacancies that have now been filled closed (mandatory for wMDS)
  • any periods of absence during the quarter (mandatory for wMDS)
  • any new skills or qualifications gained

For further instructions please see our:

  • Fact sheet: Using the KSS GP workforce tool to make your wMDS submission
  • Or for more detailed, step-by-step instructions see the KSS GP workforce tool user guide

Both of these documents can be downloaded in the related documents section at the bottom of this page.

 Further support & resources

Should you require any further information or need to reset your password please contact the KSS GP workforce tool team: gptool@kss.hee.nhs.uk

Further information can be found in the following resources:

  • Fact sheet: Using the KSS GP workforce tool to make your wMDS submission. A one-page summary of what your practice needs to do. This can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • KSS GP workforce tool user guide:  step-by-step support on how to populate and utilise the KSS GP workforce tool, including how to use the tool to make your wMDS submission. This can be found at the bottom of this page.

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