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People with intellectual disabilities

Mencap wrote a report called ‘Death by indifference’ in 2007.  The report was about 6 people with learning disabilities who should not have died.




At Health Education England we want to make sure that staff that work people that have Intellectual Disabilities have the rights skills and values, in the right place at the right time.




In 2013 there was a scoping project to look at the Intellectual Disabilities workforce. A scoping project means that people look at lots of information to see where people work and who they work for.




Workforce Development for People with Intellectual Disabilities is a report about the scoping project. The scoping project happened across Kent, Surrey and Sussex.  





The report said we need to meet with people who receive support and people who provide support to find out what they need for now and in the future.  





  We would like as many providers of Learning Disability care as possible to be involved in this group from across Kent, Surrey and Sussex.




We would like this group to tell NHS every year what education is needed for all staff / carers that work with people who have a learning disability.    




Since the scoping project we have been working to help make things better for people with learning disabilities who live in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.





We have helped support lots of staff to learn more.





These staff are also telling us more about what we need to do to help them.





We have written another report which gives more information about what we need to do still.






We are also part of the transforming care work which is happening all over the country. This is about helping people with learning disabilities get the right support in the right place.




If you would like to read the report we have a full version and an easy ready summary. You can find both reports below in the "related documents" box at the bottom of this page.






If you would like to talk about this work on twitter please use the hash tag #IDHEKSS. A hash tag allows us to read what you are talking about.



You can contact us to find out about the work or ask a question.    





The programme manager is: Rhona Westrip

Her email address is: RWestrip@kss.hee.nhs.uk

Her twitter name is: @HEE_KSSID

The clinical advisor is: George Matuska

His email address is: George.matuska@nhs.net

His twitter name is: @georgematuska