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Health visiting

Preventing illness and helping people to stay healthy is top of the health agenda for NHS South of England and health visitors play an important part in helping families achieve these aims.

As a highly skilled part of the NHS workforce, health visitors engage with children, families and communities to ensure they are well informed about their health, how to keep healthy and the choices they have in the provision of their healthcare.

NHS South of England is supporting the government’s plans to significantly increase the health visiting workforce in England by 4,200 by 2015.

However, it is not just about increasing numbers – most importantly it is about offering families a new service responsive to their needs.  We know that what we do in the early years of a child’s life can make a significant difference to their future and development.

We want to encourage nurses, midwives and former health visitors with a passion for promoting health and giving children the best start in life to consider a career in health visiting.

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