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East Midlands Simulation Strategy

Simulation is a technique for practice and learning that can be applied in healthcare to many different professions, disciplines and levels of training. It facilitates learning through immersion, reflection, feedback and practice, but minus the risks inherent in a similar real life situation. Its use in a wide variety of industries for many years has demonstrated its value (aviation, nuclear industry, aeronautics, military, business) and evidence is slowly but surely accumulating of the value of simulation in healthcare.


The practice and learning opportunities provided by simulation include a range of both technical and non-technical skills, knowledge and attitudes. Simulation addresses practice and learning for teams, individuals working in teams and individuals working alone. Simulation  therefore covers clinical practice and learning in a wide range of simulated  environments where patient care is delivered, including those where practice occurs outside the ward, the clinic or the operating theatre; it is thus not confined to practice and learning through the use of inanimate mannequins. Simulation training allows for the development of resource management, improved communication skills, team working and the affect human factors have on patient safety.

The main benefit of developing simulation arrangements is to improve the quality of care to patients and the public in the East Midlands. Improved patient safety will be a key outcome.

The Simulation Strategy in the East Midlands focuses on:

  • ensuring there is access to simulation facilities, equipment, skilled personnel and learning opportunities, so that all staff can benefit
  • developing a distributed network, so that common systems are in place
  • training and development of the faculty of simulation educators, so that high standards of delivery are provided
  • growing the evidence base for the effectiveness of simulation, so that there is continuing improvement in the East Midlands

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