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Workforce intelligence

The workforce intelligence team provides strategic workforce information to support strategic workforce planning, performance management, and to meet statutory workforce information requirements. Through working under three main categories (performance, programmes and quality) the team support all other directorates within HEE across the East Midlands with their objectives by providing accurate and high quality information on which strategic decisions can confidently be made.

eWorkforce Tool Guidance - 2016

The eWorkforce Tool Guidance is for Trusts to complete to help us guage workforce demand. You can download it from the Related Documents section below.


Regional and National Networks

Participating in workforce modelling on both a regional and national level helps to shape, not only the localised workforce, but also that of the nation as a whole.



The patient

We provide workforce intelligence to ensure that trainees are in the appropriate places to provide a workforce conducive to the population's needs. Having the right trainees in the right place at the right time maximises the chances of providing the best care services to current and future patients.

The learner

We provide intelligence that the placements and opportunities that trainees and students have access to are of the highest quality and conducive to successful development and progression. We measure course employability rates against plan to give us robust data to ensure we have the right people, in the right place, with the right skills. Analysis of qualitative data collected through surveys and audits also contributes to providing learning and training placements and environments that are safe and appropriate for the best possible learning and development experience.

The stakeholder

We measure how many learners on courses commissioned by HEE in the East Midlands actually go on to work in the NHS. It also allows the intelligence team to give decision makers trusted data on where our learners are working, and measures course employability rates against plan to give us robust data to ensure we have the right people, in the right place, with the right skills.

The tax-payer

We ensure value for money by using intelligence to commission only high quality training and education which, in turn, will result in a high quality and effective workforce for the future.

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