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PSU Support for junior dentists

Why is support for junior dentists important?

All junior dentists have learning needs and are specifically placed within the service environment to develop their knowledge and skills through experiential learning. However, it should not be expected that junior dentists are prepared or able to deal with all the problems they may face during their training. It is not uncommon to experience personal or professional difficulties which impact directly or indirectly upon work or training and for which one may require additional support. There are occasions when, through supervision and monitoring, a junior dentist's performance and progress gives particular cause for concern.  The Professional Support Service believes that early intervention is essential to prevent adverse consequences for patients, the junior dentist concerned and his or her colleagues.  

We’re looking at providing support for qualified dentists and offering our support to all professions. A pilot will be offered in 2016/2017 and more information will be provided following this. 

How can a junior dentist access support from the Professional Support Unit?

Any medical, public health or junior dentist in an East Midlands training post can be referred to the Professional Support Unit. They would ideally be referred by their Educational Supervisor, although the Clinical Supervisor, TPD or Head of School could also make a referral.  

Further support

The GMC offer free support to help doctors new to practice, or new to the country, to understand the ethical issues that will affect them and their patients on a day to day basis. More information can be found here.

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