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Innovation and Improvement

The Innovation and Improvement Team have set objectives for 2015/16.

The Innovation and Improvement team have the following objectives for 2015/16:

  • Build capacity and capability for innovation and quality improvement in the learners of the East Midlands in partnership
  • with universities, Trusts and training programmes supported by a team of education leads.
  • To deliver a programme of communication and engagement for the learners of the East Midlands (#loveourlearners)
  • working across all healthcare professions and providers.
  • To facilitate Organisation Development of Health Education England across the East Midlands, including capacity and
  • capability for innovation and improvement.
  • To support the LETC teams.

Regional and National Networks

The team are active in the national HEE Research and Innovation network. As well as holding a role as leads for the capacity and capability for innovation, they are also on task and finish groups for Awards and Recognition and Sharing Best practice (Hub).

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, NHS Improving Quality and the Health Foundation offer networked support for building capability in quality improvement in health education.

Regionally the team support the role of HEE in the East Midlands Partnership Organisations (EMPO), consisting of East Midlands Leadership Academy (EMLA), Strategic Clinical Networks (SCN), Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) and Public Health England (PHE). They are also active members of East Midlands Leadership Academy Organisation Development Network.



The patient

The patient will see benefit from our work as we enable clinicians to bring about change in their own spheres of influence. We recognise that this may take some time before it impacts on the patient, but services and patient safety will improve as a result of the skills of the clinicians.

The learner

The learner will benefit from increased skills in their educators in quality improvement from our train the trainer events. They will also benefit from skills and confidence in quality improvement provided by our programmes and events. Finally all improvements made at HEE working across the East Midlands will benefit the learner as the organisation improves in its delivery of all functions.

The stakeholder

The stakeholder will have up-to-date information on the activity of HEE working across the East Midlands as a result of the EMPO network and the information shared within it. NHS providers in the East Midlands benefit from the sharing of resources on quality improvement done by the team, and the development of learners and trainers in quality improvement.

The tax-payer

The tax-payer will see their contribution reap greater returns as those working within the NHS have an increased understanding and ability to apply quality improvement methodology to improve safety and efficiency in their roles across healthcare. They will also see greater returns from HEE working across the East Midlands as the development work on the organisation leads to improved outputs.

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