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Nursing and Midwifery Council - New revalidation process

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) describes revalidation as follows:

Revalidation is a process that all nurses and midwives will need to engage with to demonstrate that they practice safely and effectively throughout their career. It is easy, straightforward and will help nurses and midwives to develop as professionals.

Who does it affect?

All nurses, midwives and health visitors who are registered with the NMC will need to revalidate in order to stay on the register.  It is a legal requirement to be on the NMC register to be able to practice in the UK. Full information can be found on the NMC website.

HEE expects its staff to follow the NMC revalidation process where nursing registration is a requirement for the role.

What happens if I don’t revalidate?

It is a legal requirement to be on the NMC register to be able to practice in the UK.  If you decide not to revalidate you will not be able to practice in any capacity as a registered nurse or midwife. This applies to all healthcare settings, not just the NHS.

If, at a later date, you want to return to the register, you will need to follow NMC requirements which could involve a Return to Practice course.

What is revalidation?


  • Is the process that allows you to maintain your registration with the NMC.
  • Builds on existing renewal requirements.
  • Demonstrates your continued ability to practice safely and effectively.
  • Is a continuous process that you will engage with throughout your career.

Revalidation is the responsibility of nurses and midwives themselves.  You are the owner of your own revalidation process.

Revalidation is not:

  • An assessment of a nurse or midwife’s fitness to practice.
  • A new way to raise fitness to practice concerns (any concerns about a nurse of midwife’s practice will continue to be raised through the existing fitness to practice process).
  • An assessment against the requirements of your current/former employment.


Full details on how to revalidation can be found here.

How will I know my renewal date?

If you cannot remember your renewal date you can find it by logging into NMC Online.

What support is there from HEE (East)?

The HEE (East) lead for NMC revalidation is Kathy Branson and she developed a network of nurses who understand the process, and can support you to complete it.  Feedback from those who have successfully revalidated has identified the benefit of having a fresh perspective for the reflective conversations as it adds another perspective and may promote reflection and debate.  Should you wish to take this approach, senior nurses in east of England are happy to support this in order to maximise the benefits of the re-validation process.  Please contact kathy.branson@nhs.net if you want to be put in contact with a nurse from outside your team who can support your reflective conversations.

Dual Qualification Q&As

Many of our staff hold dual qualifications and have asked questions about this. Details on the practice hours for dual qualified staff can be found in the practice hours section of the booklet above.

How do I keep up to date with latest developments in revalidation?

The latest information from the NMC.

For the Royal College of Nurses (RCN) information on revalidation.


@nmcnews (http://revalidation.nmc.org.uk/news/twitter-chats)

@JackieSmith_nmc (https://twitter.com/jackiesmith_nmc)

You can search Twitter using #revalidation



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