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Primary medical services

Health Education England (HEE) has established a programme across the East Midlands to address the range of rising demands on Primary Care, increasing expectations from patients and the growing technology changes. Primary Care will not be sustainable or fit for purpose for the next decade without change and without support.

The transformation in Primary Care needs to be locally-led, therefore HEE has been engaging with local communities, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), area teams and other stakeholders to develop plans for addressing the workforce issues in Primary Care. Solutions focus on transforming existing services and creating new models of doing things differently for the benefit of patients.

The purpose of the East Midlands primary medical services programme is:

  • to support action to transform services in local communities and to stimulate debate as to how we can best support the development of the workforce in Primary Care to improve outcomes and tackle inequalities
  • to develop and implement innovative workforce solutions to the challenges faced by Primary Care across the East Midlands
  • to respond to the urgent need to develop inter-organisational approaches for the primary care system
  • to support the recruitment and retention of the GP workforce.





The challenges

  • Building future programmes for trainees that are attractive.
  • Pre-GP training scheme to increase numbers getting into training.
  • Promoting the East Midlands by making healthcare in our region an attractive option for training and working.
  • Improving the training posts to attract more rotations and trainees.
  • Close collaboration between Primary Medical Services, CCGs, area teams, HEE across the East Midlands, local authorities and the Health and Wellbeing board.
  • Exploring all the options for an ‘alternative’ workforce.
  • Supporting GP returner and retainer scheme.
  • Structured international recruitment.

The programme will oversee the successful implementation of a range of projects to deliver greater resilience in Primary Care across the East Midlands, ensuring that the interface between education and training and service delivery is as seamless as possible.

Local Delivery Groups

Each county has established a Primary Care Local Delivery Group to take forward the work of the HEE EM Primary Medical Services Steering Board. The details of the chair of each group can be found below:

  • Derbyshire: Dr James Betteridge
  • Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland: Tim Sacks
  • Lincolnshire: Dr Sunil Hinducha
  • Northamptonshire: Dr Sanjay Gadhia.
  • Nottinghamshire: Dr Christine Johnson.

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