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BaSIS – A quality improvement and patient safety journey for Foundation trainees

BaSIS, Building Safety Improvement Skills, is a package of interventions designed to enable junior doctors to become a force for safe practice within their working and learning environment.

Read the BaSIS journey booklet in the Related Documents section below for more information. This charts the trainees’ journey in choosing, undertaking and reporting on the progress of their safety improvement projects. It also includes the posters which the trainees presented to share good practice.

The Course

The course was delivered as a two-day action learning programme on safety improvement in January 2015. The trainees were asked to identify a problem, and, by the use of action learning, develop an improvement aim which they progressed within their workplace over eight weeks. This was done either on their own, or in teams, supported by Foundation Training Programme Directors (FTPDs) from across the region, acting as Mentors. A presentation day and celebration event was held in March 2015 to showcase the improvement projects.


What are the benefits?

As part of the programme, each trainee is required to work on a safety improvement project and present this to a panel and their peers. This has empowered them to make improvements within their own organisations, gives them the skills they need to be safe, and enables them to champion safety improvements within their cohort.



Foundation trainees found that even by making small changes in their practice, they can have an impact on matters that are important to patients. Additionally, the Quality Scrutiny Board report for the Foundation Schools has highlighted the BaSIS course as an example of innovation and patient safety

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