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Why consider General Practice Nursing?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily need to have any previous specific nursing experience to apply for a position as a General Practice Nurse (GPN). There are numerous opportunities for development if you are keen to make this your career choice.

Working patterns are often during weekdays, but there are increasing opportunities to work outside of normal hours. Many GPN roles frequently fit well alongside other family and social commitments.

You would be based at a general practice and employed by GPs. Some GP practices are very small, although many are now joining together to form larger organisations. It’s an exciting time to work in general practice as they are many developments planned. You can read about some of them in the General Practice Forward View, published in May 2016.

Many jobs are advertised on NHS jobs, but not all. Keep a close eye on local press, and contact your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to ask about current vacancies.

Opportunities: Student nurses

You may be a student nurse and want to consider a career in General Practice Nursing. Find out from your university placement co-coordinator how you can secure a placement in general practice, so that you can have first-hand experience of what the role involves. Have a look at the information sheet that outlines the benefits you could bring to general practice.

Supporting student nurse learning in general practice

Opportunities: Experienced nurses

You may be an experienced nurse who wants to make a career change into general practice. Whilst you may not have current GPN skills, you will have valuable transferrable skills. You will need to maximise the potential that these could bring to a practice. See the guidance sheet, ‘How to get a foot in the door of general practice.’

Opportunities: New GPNs

If you’re new to General Practice Nursing in the East Midlands and you’ve already recently secured a position as a GPN, you will want to find out more about the East Midlands GPN programme. This degree level programme offers all the training you need for your introduction to the role. See ‘Developing you and your Career’.

Gerneral Practice Nursing - how to get a foot in the door

Opportunities: Practice Managers

You may need to recruit a new nurse to a vacant GPN position. Perhaps you should consider employing a nurse who is keen to make the move from another area of nursing into general practice.

‘Growing your own’ GPN is an attractive option as it allows you to:

  • Recruit a nurse who is passionate about working in general practice.
  • Choose a nurse with experience and skill in another area of nursing that may compliment others in the team.
  • Help a new nurse to develop according to the needs you have in general practice.
  • Utilise the East Midlands GPN programme – an accredited, competency-based training package that has a track record of success in delivering training for new General Practice Nurses. See ‘Equipping Nurses for General Practice’.

For more information, please contact Gill Beardmore at gillian.beardmore@nhs.net.

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